Any Person, Anywhere.

Relationships and connection are the two most important things for a healthy lifestyle. River City Fit is a way to build meaningful relationships while also training our bodies physically.

Class Hours

Monday - Friday 5:30 am, 6:30 am, 7:30am (30min High Intensity Interval Training), 4:45 pm, 5:45 pm,

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6:45pm (30min HIIT)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12pm

Saturday 9 am (Team workout), 10 am - 12pm (Open Gym)

Open Gym Hours Tuesday, Thursday 12:00pm

Sunday Closed


The first step in joining River City Fit is to book a free consultation! We want to get to know you and determine how we can best meet your needs!


Programs We Offer


Lift + Move

In a 60 minute group session, we warm up, typically we do a lift, and then we will perform a high intensity workout.

Just Move

Don’t have a ton of time to spend at the gym? We got you covered. In this 30 minute class, we get you in and out to the rest of your life outside of the gym.


Functional Movement

Everyday we do a different workout with different movements that you would regularly do in life at a high intensity. We believe in doing these workouts with other people because for most of us, working out alone is miserable and being told what to do by an expert is extremely helpful!


“The coaches at River City Fit have broken old habits that were holding me back. They’ve helped rewire my movement patterns in a way that helps me move faster, safer, and more efficiently. I have some new PR’s and have had a ton of fun working with them!”


Drop In’s Welcome

Email to make sure there is availability in class!