At River City Fit, we believe that relationships and connection are the building blocks to a healthy life.
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Take Charge of Your Life.

When you step foot in our gym, we want you to be immersed in a positive and welcoming community of people that have decided to take charge of their health, their fitness, and ultimately their life.

DUDES. THIS PLACE IS SO AMAZING. I have never been as committed to working out and exercising as I have at this place. The coaches and peers make it feel like family and it’s never a boring day at the gym! If CrossFit has ever scared you this is the place to conquer your fears!


older woman jump roping getting into shape at River City Fit

Get Fit So You Can:


Live a longer, healthier life.


Be capable and ready to take on any adventure.


Develop the strength to handle any obstacle in life.

Meet the Team



Meet Jacob

After participating on my collegiate soccer team and working with many individuals pursuing athletics at a similar level, I found it less inspiring than helping folks who want their everyday life to be better because of what they do in the gym.

I opened this gym with the intention of reaching the furthest person out, the person who is currently not even thinking about the gym, and that is exactly who we serve.

My job at River City Fit is to inspire and create a safe working environment for my staff, so that they can inspire our clients to consistently believe in themselves.

When I’m not at the gym, I’m with my lovely wife Hanna, who has inspired me to be a better husband, father, and business owner than I could have ever imagined.



Meet Collette

My major, Exercise Science, came easy. I needed a career where an active lifestyle was not only appreciated, but part of the job; I’d crash and burn in a desk job. My role allows me to stay fit myself and teach others how and why they should value day-to-day activity.

Through college, I worked as an undergraduate assistant in the sports performance department, shadowing CSCS certified performance coaches with collegiate athletes. The experience brought me to a local volleyball club, where I became the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. I eagerly took the job, knowing that I was not completely prepared, though it would be a good challenge for me. I loved that job but I knew it wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be.

When I found River City Fit, it felt like something new, a gym with high-standing values not only for their employees but their members. I jumped on board seeing that it felt like a place where the role of what a “personal trainer” does is more than just weight loss and toning, but makes activity accessible.

Outside work, you can find me in the kitchen, not because I’m a woman, but because I can make some banging food. I love dinner parties, weekend brunch hangs with friends, hiking, biking, slacklining, rock climbing, volleyball, spike ball, and basically anything where I can be outside. As a coach, I want to show my clients the answer to health and longevity isn’t a 7-day gym routine, but rather a day-in, day-out active lifestyle of any movement you love with the gym supplementing and making those other activities more accessible to you.

Here is What Some of Our Clients are Saying…

“Love this gym! I have belonged to other gyms in the past – this one is much more personal. Someone greets you by name when you walk in and all the coaches are invested in your success. My personal coach, Rashid, is awesome! He is very patient with my ability level (or lack thereof) and continues to encourage me. I am not a “gym rat” and definitely not in the same condition as a lot of the members yet I feel very comfortable and welcomed.”


I love River City Fit. It’s a very fun approach to reach your health goals. Every coach is extremely helpful and personable. I love that I can come when I want and follow a dedicated plan just for me!


“This gym is awesome! From the first time you walk in everyone is so welcoming and encouraging. The coaches are very attentive and always happy to answer any questions you may have. As someone who has struggled with working out regularly, I was apprehensive about joining but I’m so glad I did. I have my own workout plan customized to my needs which can be adjusted at any point for my schedule or even how I’m feeling each week. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to have found River City Fit!”


We push and encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

We hold each other accountable. We support each other when life isn’t going the way we want it to. We treat each other like family.

We want to hear about your life, your family, and your goals. By getting to know our members we can better help them push their limits, step out of their comfort zone and reach their goals.

If you’re looking for a gym in Richmond we’d love to meet you and give you a Free Intro to our fitness approach.